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An Aussie CRYSIS gaming clan, who takes it all to a new level!!!
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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Tue Oct 06, 2009 3:29 am

Direct Assault Unit Application

Direct Assault Unit is an Australian based Crysis gaming clan.
We require all members wishing to join DAU to read these following rules
and then submit there application. Please realize we are new clan and would
appreciate if people could stay active, the more people that join means the more
fun for every one.Thanks

1.Stay active
Please stay active on our forums and in game
(If you are going to be AFK please post in our AFK section).
2.Play Serious:
DAU wants to be a competitive clan, we will not stand for stupid behavior, cheating nor the use of inappropriate language.
3. No Discrimination
DAU respects that everyone is different, we will not stand people discriminating other people by there sex, age,
religion, race.
4. Wear Your Tags
We require clan members to place [DAU] at the front of your in-game name at all times .
This should only be done after your application has been accepted.
5. Other Clans
DAU us a competitive clan and require you to only be in one clan at a time. This is only in place for the games you apply for.
6. Communications:
Our clan uses Skype and X-fire as means for communication and is a major requirement.
Skype can be installed from-------> Here. X-fire can be installed from-------> Here
7. Have Fun
Its is a requirement in DAU that you have fun. We are a new clan so it may take some time to get set-up and into the whole business of gaming.
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Forum Rules
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